Welcome to the Online Library for the Communalism Discord. We have collected many works both directly and indirectly connected to Social Ecology, Libertarian Municipalism and Communalism. Hopefully you will find this resource useful.

An introduction to Communalism & Social EcologyThe following are helpful introductory texts to get an understanding of the basics of Social Ecology and Communalism, by a variety of authors. They vary in length, from pamphlets and articles to books.

Social Ecology in-depth
Social ecology constitutes the philosophical and anthropological aspects of Communalism's political philosophy. The following works are more in-depth analyses of social ecology from both a philosophical and anthropological perspective.

Politics & Libertarian Municipalism
Libertarian Municipalism is the political strategy developed by Murray Bookchin. The following texts discuss this strategy as well as politics seen through a Communalist lens, from the city to the confederation.

Looking back at Bookchin
These texts reflect on Bookchin's life, work and and legacy, giving more insight into the debates of his time and the political climate of the times, as well as constructive critiques.

Democratic Confederalism
Democratic Confederalism is the political philosophy developed by Kurdish freedom movement figurehead Abdullah Öcalan, who was inspired by Bookchin among others. Öcalan's approach is based on decades of practical political organising, alongside an increased focus on women's liberation, making it a topic of its own.

Jineolojî and the Women's Revolution
The struggle of women within the Kurdish Freedom Movement represents one of the most radical and organised women's movements on the globe. Inherently anti-capitalist, internationalist and anti-state, it sets the bar for other movements. Whilst topics related to women's liberation and jineolojî are also discussed in the above section, these texts are for those looking to learn more in detail about the praxis, theory and history of the movement.

The Manifesto of the Democratic Civilization
Abdullah Öcalan's most comprehensive work is his five-volume manifesto, which details Democratic Confederalism's anthropology, philosophy and politics in the most comprehensive manner. Volumes 4 and 5 are yet to be made available in english.

Resources on Rojava
The revolution in Rojava is currently the largest democratic confederalist movement working at a large scale. The following resources give a comprehensive overview of the inner workings of the social, political and ecological revolution in North East Syria.

There are several audiobook versions of communalist texts. Below are some of them.

If you prefer listening to reading, then these are the podcasts for you. There's discussion of social ecology as well as adjacent topics. They make for great listening, being both thought-provoking and featuring many great guest speakers.

Videos & Documentaries
There are excellent videos out there on international liberatory movements. In this section, you will find not only some outstanding documentaries, but also videos from various conferences and talks about Communalism and Democratic Confederalism.

Organizations & Websites
Below are the websites of various organisations that are related to Communalism and Democratic Confederalism, focussing on direct action, education and political change. Some websites offer their own learning resources and courses that are highly recommended to check out.